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Interview With Alison Louder (Sister Amy)

Alison Louder as Sister Amy on Helix

Image via SyFy

Interview With Alison Louder (Sister Amy)

Welcome to the Helix Podcast, a fan podcast that dives deep into the SyFy series “Helix.”

Ryan and I sat down to talk with Alison Louder about her Helix character Sister Amy, engaging with fans, her passions and interests,  and much more.

Sister Amy has proven to be a integral and mysterious character for the second season of Helix. Alison has brought intensity to the role and we find Sister Amy is our favorite character this season thus far.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead! – The interview features plot points from Helix Season 2 episodes 1-5  San Jose, Reunion, Scion, Densho, and Oubliette, so please watch those episodes before listening to the interview!


Alison was incredibly kind in sharing a ton of time with us to chat. We had a ton of fun talking with her. She’s on point, funny, and insightful. Listen in as she answers some of our burning questions like:

  1. What the heck does “you’re my path” mean?
  2. What is one thing we’d be surprised to learn about Sister Amy?
  3. What does she geek out about?

And much, much more…

We’d like to once again extend a huge thanks to Alison for spending some time to chat with us this week. Be sure to follow her on Twitter @alisonlouder. We’ll be talking to Alison again in the future to talk more  about Helix, Sister Amy,  and what’s new with her projects!

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