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Season 2 – Episode 8 – Vade In Pace

Vade In Pace

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Helix Podcast S2E8 – Vade In Pace

Welcome to the Helix Podcast, a fan podcast that dives deep into the SyFy series “Helix.” This week Michael loses it, Sister Amy steps up her game, and there are some folks visit St. Germain. Join us as we talk about Helix Season 2 Episode 8: “Vade In Pace.”

After each episode, join hosts Ryan Boyles and Tim Arthur as they discuss each Helix episode, share news about the show, interview cast and crew, and bring you predictions on what may be to come.

***Warning: Spoilers Ahead!***


Favorite Five

This is Day 8 and Day 10,958

  1. Amy kicks up her boots and chills at the head honch desk
  2. Sarah realizes the womb isn’t needed
  3. Michael loses his mind and his head
  4. Secret islands and it spreads
  5. Mycotics heal good, real good

Plot discussion

Day 8

  • Ilaria Corporation
    • Not Ilaria, but Coast Guard comes to St. Germain.
  • “The Fellowship”
    • They are all dead, other than Amy and her goon squad led by Brother Creepy Curly, Landry.
    • Amy tricks Michael and coup! there she is.
    • Amy puts Brother Michael’s photo on the wall.
    • Amy has taken Sarah’s baby and it is growing in some uber bio mess.
    • Also, that baby is creepy!
  • The Doctors
    • Sarah finds out what happened to her baby – Tim: still maintains that is Caleb.
    • Kyle uncovers Michael’s family tree.
    • Sarah confides her immortality to Kyle.
    • Alan discovers the Yellow Vector Mycotic that attacked Peter and Sarah over 5 days ago is still alive – until the Coast Guard sentries shot him dead again. They suspect if he survived there must be something helping fight the virus on the island. Tree sap pollen?
    • Peter and Anne go ga ga for each other. Happiness in misery.
    • The Mycotic disease is spreading to nearby “uncharted” islands accelerating the Coast Guard’s plan to extract the CDC doctors.

Day 10,958

  • Ilaria Corporation
    • Julia uncovers Michael entombed in the Oubliette.
    • Caleb makes a dramatic and timely reappearance to help naive Julia from cliff diving accident.

Big Burning questions of the week

  • Will ILARIA goon squad show up to fight Coast Guard?
  • Where is Hatake?
  • Where is Balleseros?
  • Is Balleseros out there working with Hatake to replicate the cure for Narvik-C?
  • Can Sarah actually pass on immortality or is it “her mission” to stop new immortality from happening?
  • What is up with so many different viruses? Narvik-C, Yellow Vector Micotics, and “immortal killer” TMX7??
  • Repeat: Does Alan engineer TMX7 to kill immortals based on Micotic Virus?
  • If Amy becomes immortal, will she become an evil despot like Michael?
  • Why would Amy’s fellowship follow her over Michael?
  • Why would Amy feature Michael’s name on a cap stone on his living tomb?
  • How does Amy plan to get off the island?

Death count

  • Brother Michael… Vade In Pace (Go In Peace)
  • A couple of Mycotics

Music Notes

Plow Under” by the Almanac Singers

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