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Season 2 – Episode 7 – Cross Pollination

Cross Pollination

Image via SyFy

Helix Podcast S2E7 – Cross Pollination

Welcome to the Helix Podcast, a fan podcast that dives deep into the SyFy series “Helix.” This week the plot thickens and Michael takes drastic measures with his flock. Join us as we talk about Helix Season 2 Episode 7: “Cross Pollination.”

After each episode, join hosts Ryan Boyles and Tim Arthur as they discuss each Helix episode, share news about the show, interview cast and crew, and bring you predictions on what may be to come.

***Warning: Spoilers Ahead!***


  • Denise: My theory is that St. Germain is exile island for immortals who don’t play nice in the Illaria sandbox. My question is this…Could Jordan’s baby survive outside the womb since it is technically an immortal and could there be a way to age the baby?

Favorite Five

This is Day 7

  1. Alan comes clean
  2. Amy gets put in the corner
  3. Peter and Anne get comfy in Ratville (are we shipping?)
  4. Michael is a jealous gentleman, and he likes to talk to paintings.
  5. Sometimes it’s not a good idea to drink the Kool-aid

Plot discussion

Day 7

  • Ilaria Corporation
    • Mlle.Durant tells Michael’s origin story to Julia.
    • Michael’s plan has been to create a society where only he can procreate and all other men are infertile – so that he can find a way to father an immortal child.
    • Julia decides she has to go to the island.
  • “The Fellowship”
    • Olivia and others are hiding the infected
    • The non-infected ones drink Michael’s concoction of the heart-stopping Monks Hood plant. Anne calls it a ‘Thinning’ – decision made to thin the fellowship slate clean and start over.
    • Amy rebels against Michael and she is locked up in the botany lab
  • The Doctors
    • Sarah’s baby is gone
    • Alan remembers some of what happened and confides in Sarah
    • Sarah flips out
    • 83 Mycotics and they only can account for 4
    • Kyle opts to keep Amy in the lockbox with the crazy plants

Big Burning questions of the week

  • Did Alan harvest the baby and give it to Sister Amy?
  • Could you get behind Michael’s plan for shepherding the flock?
  • Is Peter’s plan to infiltrate Michael’s fellowship in order to foil his plan for Ilaria?
  • What can Balleseros do with one dose of the Narvik cure?
  • Why is Balleseros not helping humanity, or is he truly selfish?
  • Why the hell do they put people in the credits that aren’t in an episode one week, and then don’t list them the next week? Is this intentional?
  • We still have no idea what the teeth thing is… as well as the deal with the eyes, and the skulls. Theory: The skulls are all the young boys on the island…
  • What is Sarah’s mission?
  • Will Amy have to endure the planting?
  • Will the timelines converge?

Death count

  • A large portion of the fellowship. 50 or so?

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