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Season 2 – Episode 4 – Densho


Helix Podcast S2E4 – Densho

Welcome to the Helix Podcast, a fan podcast that dives deep into the SyFy series “Helix.” This week swordplay determines the fate of a character, a familiar character re-appears in dapper dress, and we witness some good ole’ fashioned family fishing fun. Join us as we talk about Helix Season 2 Episode 4: “Densho.”

After each episode, join hosts Ryan Boyles and Tim Arthur as they discuss each Helix episode, share news about the show, interview cast and crew, and bring you predictions on what may be to come.

***Warning: Spoilers Ahead!***

Helix News

Fun Fact:

  • Did you know that director Jeremiah Chechik also directed the cult classic film “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation?”

Fan Feedback

Favorite Five

This is Day 4 and Day 10954

  1. Peter has a texting buddy
  2. Therapy will help you join the family
  3. Brother Michael has lots of family photos
  4. ILARIA revealed
  5. We’ll never leave you father

Plot discussion

Day 4

  • The Community
    • Brother Travis is working out in the orchard.
    • Sister Misha is pregnant.
    • Brother Daniel is infected after working in the orchard.
    • Misha says her child is for the community.
    • Travis goes all homicidal vector on her. No one else can have her.
    • Brother Michael speaks to the community in the mess hall
      • The people don’t listen at first – or come to order before he yells “STOP!!”
      • “We’ve all heard the rumors. Everything was fine until they showed up.”
      • “Their paths led them here to help us.”
      • “Do not become someone else – just be. Just be!”michaelspeech
    • Brother Michael tells his three favorite girls to do something discreet
      • Sister Amy “We will not disappoint you”
      • “Nothing must interrupt the harvest. We are a simple community. We must feel safe. Uncertainty is like a blight on the crop.”
      • Sister Agnes
    • Kyle and Brother Michael have a talk
  • The Doctors
    • Peter is texting with someone off the island about instructions and mission.
    • Peter “finds” Alan out in the orchard unconscious.
    • Kyle finds a puncture wound on Daniel. Is it an insect-born vector discovered with bees?
    • Alan, Peter, Sarah and Kyle have a brief meeting. “We have 30 victims and 29 fatalities.”
    • “Micotic” = Mico for fungus + Psychotic – what they are calling it.
    • Kyle finds micro-toxins in the Honey – the bees don’t carry it.
    • Alan reveals that he found Julia “leading ILARIA” in Paris to Peter. Alan says Immortals are the “real problem.” And Alan is suspicious of Peter.
    • Peter calls ILARIA on an unsecure line to get more info about the island.
      • Alan overhears him. The jig is up.
      • It’s Balleseros on the other end of the line! “Now this is what you have to do!”sergio
    • Sarah confronts Soren’s mother about his disappearance and Brother Michael’s lies. Soren’s mother stabs Sarah.

Day 10954

  • Hatake: “Therapy will help you join the family.”
  • Julia tries to reason with Hatake.
  • Hatake is going to inject Julia with some sort of solution.
  • Hatake doesn’t want to remember.
  • Julia fools Hatake with a hug and a syringe to escape.
  • Andy Griffith moment between Daddy Hatake and Ghost Danielfishing
  • Julia wielding dual Axe vs Hatake & Katana fight in the forest.
  • Julia: “I should have done this a long time ago and then maybe I’d be free.”
  • Ghost Jaye saves Julia by distracting crazy dad.
  • Hatake gives Julia his katana. “Take it please. It is my legacy. Densho.”
  • “I should have never made you like me. I’m sorry Julia.”
  • Mortally injured Hatake stumbles back to lake house to talk with Ghost Daniel and Jaye. “We’ll never leave you Hiroshi”

Big Burning questions of the week

  • Who are all of the family members on Brother Michael’s walls?
  • Does this confirm Brother Michael immortal?
  • Who is “Mother” (that the sister’s must protect)?
  • Who is Peter taking orders from off the island?
  • Are Peter and Balleseros trying to take down ILARIA from within?
  • Is Balleseros trying to save the children on the island?
  • Does Peter know about Julia’s role in ILARIA?
  • What instructions are given to Peter by Balleseros?
  • Is Peter in the dark about what ILARIA is doing or playing dumb?
  • Does Brother Michael know about Sister Amy’s meddling with drugging the children?
  • What would motivate Peter to work with Balleseros or ILARIA?
  • What is that tune that Hatake and Julia are humming?
  • Is the code on katana a key to curing this or any virus or the key to immortality?
  • Where to next for Julia?
  • Is Brother Michael trying to create the perfect community with “his own seed?”
  • Is Sarah Jordon’s baby deceased from the stabbing?
  • What is Alan going to do now that he knows Peter is playing the other side?

Death count

  • Brother Travis get infected and kills Sister Misha and dies of the pathogen
  • Hiroshi Hatake?
  • Sarah’s baby?

Musical Notes

  • Andy Griffith – TV theme song
  • Check out our Helix Spotify playlist: Helix Playlist

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