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Season 2 – Episode 2 – Reunion

Photo by: Philippe Bosse/Syfy

Photo by: Philippe Bosse/Syfy

Helix Podcast S2E2 – Reunion

Welcome to the Helix Podcast, a fan podcast that dives deep into the SyFy series “Helix.” This week we learned a bit more of the events prior to the CDC arriving at St. Germain, and answers (somewhat) to a few of our burning questions. Join us as we talk about Helix Season 2 Episode 2: “Reunion.”

After each episode, join hosts Ryan Boyles and Tim Arthur as they discuss each Helix episode, share news about the show, interview cast and crew, and bring you predictions on what may be to come.

***Warning: Spoilers Ahead!***

Helix News

Fan Cast from Wednesday Jan 21 was a lot of fun!

Shout-out to special co-hosts @atheneblue @ophumod @dinelle_fuller and fans on twitter @sfwheeler15 @kenseysmom @munrovalentina
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  • 1M for L+Same Day for “San Jose” Season 2 Premiere
  • Lots of the twitter commentary we saw took place after the live broadcast from folks watching on time shift

News Via SyFy

  • January 22, 2015 – Syfy today announced the appointment of Andie Beckerman to the position of Vice President, Alternative Development and Production. Beckerman, who developed and oversaw current programming on a wide range of successful unscripted series such as Talking Dead, Comic Book Men and Game of Arms, will be based in the channel’s Los Angeles office. She will report to Heather Olander, Senior Vice President, Alternative Development and Production, Syfy.
  • January 21, 2015 – Syfy Sync won a Best Content Extension Made for Mobile Award at the 7th Annual Mobile Excellence Awards.

Fan Feedback

@TomCarney_ via Twitter, likes the new season’s island setting:

@SarahTheMascara via Twitter, is not crazy about the new direction:

Favorite Five (actually 6) Moments

This is Day 2 and Day 10952.

  1. I’m still pregnant.
  2. Stephen Weber’s Brother Michael is creepy.Helix_gallery_202QuestionsAnswers_01
  3. Brother Creepy Curly should not be left alone with the children.
  4. You “be my path” and I’ll show you mine.
  5. Peter’s Vector flashback.
  6. The SIGN!!!!

Plot discussion

Day 2

  • Alan Farragut (Billy Campbell) flashback sequence shows how it comes to discover the island of St. Germaine – watches video where Peter gives the sign…. (run like hell)
  • Alan is “Brother Jerome”Helix_gallery_202QuestionsAnswers_03
  • Brother Michael (new, Stephen Weber) questions Alan to figure out his motivations for coming to the island
    • Alan: I’ve done bad things
    • Michael: So you’re hiding?
  • CDC Team, Dr. Sarah Jordan (Jordan Hayes), Dr. Peter Farragut (Neil Napier), Dr. Kyle Sommer (new, Matt Long) investigate spread of the pathogen and Brother Michael, oddly, wants their help
    • Sister Anne is very skeptical but takes them on a tour
  • Sarah is having nose bleeds
  • Sarah reconnects with Alan and they discuss her 15 month immortal fetus pregnancy
  • More “Reckless Immortal Jordan” with her rock and roll biology field test moment
    • Peter scolds her again
  • Sarah investigates Brother Isaac’s job for the crop
    • She goes out in the orchard with Sister Agnus (73)
    • “The adults are never alone with the children”
    • The crops are “designed” by Brother Michael in the botany lab
    • Alan gives Sarah the hand sign to “stay away”Helix_gallery_202QuestionsAnswers_06
  • Child of the Corn, “Soren” (10), has a funky rash and attacks his mother
  • Peter seems to have no love for Alan
    • Peter does not care about Alan’s sign to“stay away”
    • Peter “We don’t run – we’re CDC”
    • Sarah: “that sounds like something Alan would say”
  • Brother Isaac is a Yellow Vector
    • Sarah encounters him inside the Abbey
    • Peter’s PTS reaction to “Yellow Vector”
    • Another young member of the cult finds Isaac
    • Isaac cuts his neck and yellow stuff puffs out
  • Dr. Sommer and Sister Amy spend some quality time touring the facility
    • Kyle asks Amy if she ever considered leaving the island
    • Sister Amy was born and raised on the island
    • “Maybe you can show me” – “what people on the island don’t have”
    • Amy comes onto Kyle but he rebuffs her
  • “The Minders” instruct the children to figure out the right way
  • Brother Creepy Curly takes Soren outside the gate to meet his mother but there is a “Yellow Vector” waiting for himHelix_gallery_202QuestionsAnswers_09

Day 10952 (Thirty Years Later)

  • Discuss difference in time shift from screener being 40 years later – is this a significant change?
  • Julia (Kyra Zagorsky) and Caleb (new, @JimmyThorburn) dig up Alan’s grave
  • The skeleton is not Alan – the skull is female and all of the bones belong to different people
  • Julia thinks the bones are a message from Alan
    • She finds a third hip bone half that has a diagram etched into itHelix_gallery_202QuestionsAnswers_07
    • Caleb reveals it is a map of St. Germaine “Someplace you don’t want to go”
    • Julia “I have to go”
  • They find bones in the forest on the way to the river – remains of a child
    • Jules “an animal must have gotten to them”
    • Caleb “something worse”

Big questions of the week

  • Who is the infected dude roaming out in the woods?
  • Did the Vectors kill the lone survivor or did they do it?
  • How is the yellow goo related to the virus of the infected people?
  • Is Brother Michael suspicious about Brother Jerome?
  • Does this mean Caleb is not Alan and Sarah’s son?
  • Why are bones of children scattered in the woods?
  • Is Soren killed or going to be converted to a Yellow Vector?
  • What do you do with an immortal fetus?
  • Are Sarah’s nose bleeds really from her 15 month 1st trimester pregnancy?
  • Did Alan engineer the TMX7 virus 10 years later to kill the immortals?
  • Where the hell is #SHIRTLESSEROS?

Death count

  • Isaac?
  • Soren?
  • Alan?

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