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Season 2 – Episode 10 – Mother


Image via SyFy

Helix Podcast S2E10 – Mother

Welcome to the Helix Podcast, a fan podcast that dives deep into the SyFy series “Helix.” This week, family matters get even more “complicated” and multiple baby issues ensue. Join us as we talk about Helix Season 2 Episode 10: “Mother.”

We had the privilege to have Alison Louder (Sister Amy) join us for our favorite five and plot discussion. Alison is incredibly insightful, gracious with her time, and fun to talk with. Thanks again to her for joining us.

After each episode, join hosts Ryan Boyles and Tim Arthur as they discuss each Helix episode, share news about the show, interview cast and crew, and bring you predictions on what may be to come.

***Warning: Spoilers Ahead!***


Kyan Krumdieck

Listener and Helix fan from New Zealand that wrote in to explain why we see actors names in the credits that may not actually appear in the episode. Thanks for clarifying that Kyan!

He also shared a potential easter egg. The infamous “Wilhelm Scream” sounds like it appeared in sound mix of the Coast Guard radio static.

For information on the Wilhelm Scream, head to this article.

Favorite Five

This is Day 10

  1. Sister Amy needs anger management classes
  2. Julia wants to play nursemaid
  3. Incest, say it isn’t so
  4. Stinky Sommers
  5. Peter sees the production line

Alison’s pick: #1 (The “Tantrum”)

Plot discussion

Day 10

  • Ilaria Corporation
    • Julia offers Amy money for Mother. Amy isn’t interested in money.
    • Balleseros to Julia.. “this is like an episode of Family Feud: Sister Wives edition.”
    • Alison: Sister Amy uses her feminine wiles to manipulate men and get what she wants.
    • Balleseros has a bit of a fall.
  • “The Fellowship”
    • Brother Landry is Anne’s son / Amy’s brother
    • Amy “nursing” Landry
    • Anne shows Peter some pretty crazy stuff – the production line
  • Mycotics
    • Soren is better / Kyle is not… Stinky Sommers
    • Soren shows Alan and Coast Guard where to find the bleeding tree
  • The Doctors
    • Julia and Peter are in a bad place with each other
    • Sarah tells Julia that her baby is fathered by Alan – BURN!
    • Peter talks about happiness = respect
    • Julia wants to put the baby in Amy ergo making Amy immortal
    • Sarah gets punked by Landry

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Big Burning questions of the week

  • Why didn’t Julia believe that spinal fluid injection would make Amy immortal?
  • Does Julia really think that Amy can be trusted as an immortal?
  • Why aren’t the doctors working together to take down Ilaria?
  • Will they implant Sarah’s baby in Amy?
  • Is Balleseros alive?
  • Will Peter help Anne is sustaining the birthing area, or will he work to stop what is happening?

Death count

  • The birthing mother in the “birthing center”?

Music Notes

Brand New Key” by Melanie Safka – our apologies, we incorrectly identified the song as “I’ve got a brand new pair of roller skates” in the episode.

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